Company Name : IDRAK Talent Acquisition firm


Job Description

Roles & Education 

IDrAK is seeking dynamic, passionate and skilled Therapists in a wide range of disciplines to join private high end rehabilitation centers and hospitals in the GCC. Emphasis on manual therapy is a must for all roles. The roles include:

1. Physical Therapist: specialized in Neurology, Orthopedics (musculoskeletal), Pediatrics, Sports, Women’s Health, and Wound Management and a Bachelor’s in Physical Therapy

2. Osteopathy: Specialized in Osteopathy with Bachelor’s in physical therapy and Master’s in Osteopathy.

3. Sport Therapist: Specialized in Sports therapy with Bachelor’s in Sport Therapy

4. Kinesiotherapy: Specialized in Kinesiology with a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology

5. Occupational therapist: Specialized in occupational therapy with a Bachelors in Occupational Therapy

6. Chiropractor: Specialized in Chiropractic with Bachelor’s in Physical Therapy and Master’s in Chiropractic.

7. ABA therapists: Specialized Applied Behavioral Analysts with a Bachelors in Psychology or ABA

8. Psychomotor therapists: Experienced in Psychomotor and a Bachelor’s in Psychomotor therapy

9. Speech Therapist: Experienced as a Speech therapist with a Bachelor’s in Speech Therapy. This role is only open to residents in Kuwait.

10. Strength & conditioning Coach: Experienced in related discipline + Bachelor’s in Strength & conditioning 

11. Medical Massage therapist: Experienced as a Massage therapist + diploma or Bachelors degree in Physical therapy. This role is only open to residents in Kuwait.

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