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  • Marketing/PR/Advertising
  • Egypt

Job Description :

Responsibilities● Delivering scripted talks that describe the company’s products or services, a politicaltalking point or charity appeal to persuade potential customers or donors● Explaining products and product prices● Answering customer information about products, a charity or political beliefs● Obtaining customer information such as name and address for shipping products ordelivering services● Keeping track of customers that have been contacted and those who do not want to becontacted in the future● Following up on previous customers for potential sales● Maintaining records of customer contacts● Completing customer surveys to obtain information about potential customers

Job Requirements :

● Bachelor’s/Master’s degree is a must● At least one year of proven record in the creativeindustry as telemarketer or any related title● Ability to communicate in English clearly bothverbally and in writing.● Solid knowledge in the creative industry services● Professional appearance and persona.● Persistent and results-oriented● Working knowledge of relevant computer programs(e.g. CRM software) and telephone systems

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