Talent Acquisition Senior Officer

  • Administration
  • Egypt


Job Description :

Delivers hiring needs to Academic and professional staff (Junior Level).Posts vacancies and different Employer Branding posts on our social media platforms.Responsible for Sourcing, Headhunting and Phone-screening the relevant candidates.Conducts interviews for shortlisted Candidates.Communicates feedback with the Hiring manager(s).Supports in employment fairs or career related events logistics.Follows-up with Marketing team regarding booth design, flyers, and giveaways.

Job Requirements :

Possess strong people sourcing and recruitment skills.Has excellent communication skills (Verbal & Written)Knows how to acquire, develop, and retain peopleKnows how to use Microsoft officeQualifications: People-oriented, flexible, with positive attitude.Years of Experience:  3 – 6 years in Talent AcquisitionEducation: BSc degree in any relevant major.Skills: Time Management, Team Player and Proactive.

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