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Company Name : Oil Support Services

System Engineer

Job Description

  • To support the system engineering control activities of Information Technology operations including systems programming, establishing standards & methods, data base management, data communication system programming including LAN, implementation of Application Development tools and OS Control Tools in company in order to ensure that departmental objectives are met and the highest standards of technology services are made available to support business needs.
  • Conducts diagnostics of the IT systems, servers and database systems to evaluate its performance in order to make appropriate recommendations in enhancing the communication service.
  • Analyses current system-tools for Application Development, Operating-system Control and recommends changes in business systems and procedures with flow charts showing new systems to improve systems and procedures. Studies impact on installation problems, standards and procedures. Inducts system-tools for mainframe/PCs based on new technology in consideration of cost benefits. Follows guidelines, policy, procedures and standards for IT & database systems security and backup while implementing an effective & robust control (authorization), back up, virus defense and security systems to safeguard & protect and ensure the reliability & integrity of data.

 Maintains IT hardware to the required standards and provide users with training and support to resolve operational problems timely and efficiently

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