Company Name : People Dynamics

Supervisor – AC & Refrigeration Systems

Job Description

•       Coordinate the repairs of vessels as instructed by the Port Engineers, ensuring job completion.

•       Supervise inspection and repair AC and refrigeration equipment including refrigeration and air conditioning compressors, receivers, condensers, chillers, automatic and hand valves, expansion valves and capillary tubes.

•       Supervise instrumentation repair or replace defective parts in units and equipment and their controls, including thermostats, automatic switches, fan controls, log switches, damper motors, louvers, relays, filters, controls, belts, compressors, heat exchangers, high limit controls, pressure controls, safety valves, and automatic gas valves.

•       Install and calibrate systems; install copper tubing and repair pipes and tubing as necessary.

•       Perform and supervise skilled electrical maintenance work in the repair, installation and alteration of AC & Refrigeration equipment, components, timers, motors, and wiring systems as needed.

•       Maintain related records concerning time, labor and materials; maintain log of tasks performed and write reports as required.

•       Assign work activities to own team based on priority ensuring optimal manpower utilization and maximum productivity.

•       Review daily operations schedule to ensure that the required manpower and equipment are available.

•       Follow specified systems, processes, and procedures, implemented in the workplace, to ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and other requirements/standards.

•       Always work safely, protecting the health and safety of everyone in the workplace.

•       Coordinate with Technical Superintendents, Port Captains, and other concerned personnel to ensure that the repairs are executed according to the plan.

•       Examine tools, equipment, and machinery to ensure these are safe, well-maintained and ready for efficient operations.

•       Inspect and monitor work areas and environment to prevent, detect, and correct unsafe conditions or violations of procedures and safety rules.

•       Identify tools, equipment, parts, and materials which need to be purchased or replaced to ensure availability for efficient operations.

•       Maintain workshop’s pick-ups, crane pick-ups and forklifts to ensure these are in good working condition all the time.

•       Ensure compliance within their areas regarding all Health & Safety, Security, Environment and Quality policies, manuals, procedures, laws, regulations, and standards.

•       Actively engage in Health & Safety, Security, Environment and Quality consultations, training, and initiatives

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