Company Name : Confidential Company Dubai

Storekeeper – Finished Goods

Job Description

Job Summary:– Be responsible for the coordination of the loading of all the sales orders and be responsible for the accounting of all the damaged goods from trade returns and arrange production receipts Main Responsibility: Responsible for the Coordination of All Sales Orders and Monitoring– Co-ordinate loading of all sales orders with the warehouse helpers and forklift drivers in accordance with instructions of the warehouse supervisors- Monitor the loading activities in the night shift operations and assist the warehouse team wherever necessary.- Ensure all damaged goods from trade returns and during production are accounted for and segregated for repacking.- Ensure safe operating practices during loading/offloading of all finished goods in accordance with the safety standards of the organization.- Control Helpers (both Company & hired)/Forklift Operators while loading, unloading, stacking, repacking etc.- Ensure optimum storage conditions for all returnable packaging materials.- Monitor house-keeping arrangements, yard arrangements and always assure best housekeeping practices maintained Responsible for Promotional Products Receipts– Arrange the production receipts as per the procedures set, log, and sign the production logbook and update the warehouse register for all production receipts. – Check the volume & check randomly for all the promotion product receipts from the company or from any other location whether the promotional requirements are fulfilled from the production perspective i.e. check the tags, whether premiums or coupons are in place by checking randomly. – Monitor and record the slow-moving products, near expiry products and inform day shift storekeeper to add it in his weekly report.- Check physically the promotion products loaded to the truck and sign the gate pass to confirm the volume loaded. – Check and tag it properly and then shift the stock into warehouse locations when the promotion products are returned from the market- Update the promotional product tracking report and submit it to the Shift Supervisor.

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