Company Name : Hassan Mansour Int. Co.

Store Manager

Job Description

1. Assist in defining short-term and long-terms strategies for the Store and overall retail operations in line with the company strategy 

2.     Assist in the development of the annual business plan for company from a sales perspective including sales goals and objectives.

3.     Ensure that all staff adhere to relevant policies and procedures pertaining to the Store Operations 

4.     Enhance sales through Identification and analysis of practices and initiatives being implemented by competitors

5.     Enhance sales through Identification and analysis of trends such as footfall, bill value, individual sales, etc. for the store

6.     Ensure achievement of sales targets which have been set for the store; store targets to the floors / departments and drive team to meet these targets

7.     Continually monitor achievement of sales targets and take corrective measures where required.

8.     Identify current and future customer requirements by establishing rapport with potential and actual customers and other persons in a position to understand service requirements

9.     Maintain high levels of customer service Foster the highest standards of customer service excellence at the store; Build a connect with the customers and understand customer needs

10.     Ensure optimal inventory management at the store by conducting periodic merchandise availability audits and giving feedback to merchandising department in this regard

11.     Update the Merchandising team of the latest trends in the market on fashion, price, product, of competitors as well as customer demand

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