Stage Principal – High School

  • Administration
  • Egypt

Job Description :

Oversee the day to – day school operations.Ensure that all school facilities are safe.Be responsible for the class scheduling and the class lists.Manage school logistics in terms of book distribution, parental communication and oversee teacher/parent communication.Assign substitutions,with communication with heads of department, in case of absence.Monitor and oversee school policies and make suggestions for updates regularly.Oversee school events and coordinate with different stakeholders.Be responsible for communicating important messages to parents.Be responsible to take, handle, report and evaluate parental complaints.Arrange, oversee and report parental meetings on a weekly basis.Oversee and supervise school events and assembliesCultivate leadership among teachers and students.Be responsible for communicating relevant surveys to involved stakeholders and report the results.Take part in analyzing the results and suggesting accommodations in cooperation with the required departments.Report poor disciplined students to the school counselor.Be responsible for communicating the school’s vision statement and ensuring that it is implemented on the day – to- day process.Cooperate with other departments to handle school crisis and emergencies

Job Requirements :

BA of a related field and MA degree in education is preferredPrevious experience in the same position in an American SchoolExperience in American Curriculum is a Must

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