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Sr. Manager – Complaints

Job Description

Job Title: Sr. Manager – Complaints & Customer Protection (Head of Complaints)

Report To: Chief Executive Officer & Chief General Manager

Key Responsibilities

·        Initial complaint Receive and assess information from CBK and the bank’s Channels then assess escalation route and engage with division

·        Investigation. Research complaint, analyze and identify root cause, engage with relevant stakeholders for action and follow up

·        Analysis: Analyze complaint trends and identify potential corrective or preventive actions

·        Resolution.

Ø Facilitate meetings with complainant in order to address issue.

Ø Suggest solution to enhance customer retention.

Ø Resolve complaint efficiently to the satisfaction of the customer and business.

·        Customer Protection: Implement & monitor all Customer Protection & Special need requirements based on CBK circular (i.e monitor the bank’s advertisement, manage bank awareness plan, ensure branches are in compliance with CBK guidelines)

·        Record Keeping: Maintain customer complaints, protection & special needs records and keeping files easily accessible as well as ensure that all CBK complaints are logged into the relevant system

·        Follow-up Propose approaches to reduce number of complaints avoid repetitions and work with stakeholders to improve weak areas.

·        Policies and Procedures:   Review and amend policy & procedures based on business requirements and CBK regulations for handling customer complaints. And customer protections guide line for Loans, Credit cards, Collection, CSD, ADC, Retail & corporate

·        Training: Ensure that front liners are adequately trained to deal with special needs customers and understand the customer protection guidelines.

·        Reporting Report to CBK, CEO & Board on:

Ø Investigation into the complaint & grievance received from CBK

Ø Proposed actions to deal with complaint & grievance

Ø Proposed actions to avoid repetition

Ø Report the customer protection & special need activities

Ø Yearly awareness plan

Ø Board yearly report

Ø Complaints report

Ø Financial and Banking Inclusion report

·        Further action. Engage with other parties in the event of non-resolution and pursue close-down

·        Communication:

Ø Deliver communication on complaint, customer protection & special need and ensure front line employees are fully aware of its importance and significance

Ø Monitor the customers complaints channels branches, internal Dept. who are facing customers and bank’s website

Ø Make sure all complaints channels operating correctly & aware about the complaint process

Ø Managing bank’s Egypt & UAE customer’s complaints logged through complaint channels. 

·        Audit:

Ø Ensure all branches are in compliance with customer’s protection & special need guideline via Monthly visit.

Ø Review the bank’s social media account to ensure all the post are in compliance with customer’s protection guideline.

Ø Monitor all CBK awareness campaigns.

Ø Review all SQ Customers feedback quarterly basis to ensure of the compliance with the corporate governance guidelines.

Ø Ensure the bank’s Egypt products in line with the CP guidelines.

·        People Management Manage, motivate and develop individual employees and the team in line with people policies & practices. Communicate operational procedures.

·        Corporate Governance and Compliance Work fully within risk policies and procedures and compliance regulations and ensure all divisional activities comply with corporate governance & regulatory/legal frameworks

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