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Job Description :

Job Description:Intern Shall be able to start his/her career as a certified & qualified Social Media Manager by the end of the Internship.Through affiliation with online education service providers in the world, the Intern shall enroll in the Social Media Marketing Specialization offered 100% ONLINE. The Program is expected to take 5-6 months to complete. Progress shall be monitored by Management. The main purpose of this Program is establish the base UNDERSTANDING of what is Social Media Marketing and how to properly use itOnce Social Media Marketing Specialization certificate is obtained, next step is obtaining Social Media Platform Specific BADGEs. Each Intern is expected to be certified on at least 3 Social Media Platforms (Refer to each Social Media Platform for more details on BADGE requirements and Platform Specific certification process)Once specialization is completed and badges obtained, Intern is mandated to work at least for an additional (1) ONE year at the company on Junior Social Media Manager positionDuring the Training Period, Intern shall be given the opportunity to work on one of the TOP Social Media Platforms for Advertising. Process and work procedures shall be taught Internally. Intern has the opportunity of making extra income through the company’s incentive scheme and profit sharing for Clients acquired and managed.As learning and working come together, each Intern is expected to put 6 hours/day for work, 5 days a week, and put a minimum of 3 hours/day for studying, at his/her leisureApplication Deadline: 13 October 2022Internship Start date: 17 October 2022Duration: One (1) Year for Social Media Marketing Specialization and Badges Certification followed by One (1) Year Junior Social Media Manager

Job Requirements :

Very Good command of English Language is a MUSTMinimum high-school degree. University Degree is a PLUSKnowledge of Social Media Platforms as a user is required, specially on mobile PhoneUser of Online Communication Tools (i.e. Whatsapp, Google Meet, Zoom ..etc)Age not more than 24 Years oldMUST NOT HAVE ANY OTHER WORK NOR BUSINESS ENGAGEMENTLiving in Nasr City is a PLUSMUST have previous TELESALES Experience

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