Company Name : Kuwait Hospital

Social Media and Communications Officer

Job Description

  • Directs the overall flow of communication internal and external.
  • Works with staff in virtually every department of the company.
  • Align the communication message to ensure its consistent internally and externally.
  • Manages social media communications.
  • Collect all inquiries from internally and externally and report on a daily base.
  • Monthly reporting of competitors and business SOV in the market.
  • Optimizes company website content for internet search engines.
  • Maintains a calendar of assigned projects and deadlines.
  • Delivers written and verbal communications by designated deadlines.
  • Writes and distributes press releases to print, radio and television.
  • Attending staff meetings, and actively help to improve the service we offer.
  • Perform any job / task when assigned by the superior in All Kuwait hospital.
  • Stay up to date with the latest social media best practices and technologies.

To be considered for this position, you must posses the below:

  • 2 years Diploma after High School or bachelor’s degree
  • Must have excellent computer skills particularly with software applications like Word and PowerPoint
  • Fluent English spoken & written, Fluent in Arabic language
  • An in-depth knowledge of HootSuite, Iconsquare and google analytics
  • A working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop for basic image manipulation is required

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