Company Name : Confidential Company Kuwait

Service Manager

Job Description

  •  Design, develop and lead execution of the Services fundamentals, policies, processes, procedures and service agreements, thereby ensure team objectives and after-sales services are being carried out.
  • Provides leadership to a team of services staff across business units under HAT Cluster, which includes but are not limited to production team, field operations engineers, system engineer, technicians, call center agents and advisors.; ensuring individual competency and capability requirements are clearly defined, set into KPIs and objectives, and appropriate support is in place for high performance.
  • Works collaboratively with Business Unit Heads to set budgets, goals, objectives and services sales targets, and executing actionable initiatives to achieve them.
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with customer base, key stakeholders and partners.
  • Maintain a high level of customer engagement and service in line with Services provided and contracted by all business units.
  • Act as the highest source of information for all service, inventory, and product-knowledge concerns and work process matters (for both employees and customers). This includes keeping abreast with industry regulations, restrictions, and laws, and ensures service department compliance to service protocols.
  • Consistently deliver optimum customer service experiences by offering knowledge, advice, and effectively addressing questions and concerns.
  • Examine and evaluate the adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of the services offered by respective business units, and ensure application of feasible best practice in alignment to business objectives.
  • Sets up and maintains service desk/call center, including managing service desk/Call center team members and evaluating desk efficiency; resolves service desk/Call center problems and improves current service desk/Call center methods to increase productivity and customer service.
  • Monitors department issues and client complaints to define patterns and work to lessen those recurring issues; regularly audits work being done and customer service being provided to ensure all standards are met and that services and repair work is carried out effectively, correctly, and thoroughly.
  • Provides sustainable learning and development programs in collaboration with HR to ensure individual team members are equipped with fundamental functional and behavioral training and development opportunities.
  • Work with cross-functional teams, such as but not limited to human resources, information technology, accounting and finance to secure appropriate support in achieving and enhancing team capability and targets.
  • Stay up-to-date on industry standards and any new innovations, materials, tools, and/or processes that can benefit the company in line with continuous development in the services function. This includes health, safety and security on overall work processes and environment.
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