Company Name : SOS HR Solutions

Service Crew – Canadian International Fast Foods

Job Description

The Service Crew is responsible for presenting menus to patrons.

  • Takes orders and answers questions on meal items.
  • Makes recommendations and serves food/beverages to customers.
  • Prepares the bill that itemizes total meal costs and sales taxes.
  • Performs cashiering duties.
  • Also, be required to prepare the food.
  • Process payments.
  • Project a positive and professional image.
  • Provide counter/take-away service.
  • Provide go-the-extra-mile service.
  • Provide safety and security for guests.
  • Respond to service challenges.
  • Solve problems and make decisions at operations level.
  • Use essential features of a computer.
  • Use primary functions and applications of a tablet.
  • Apply quality systems.
  • Contribute to customer service over various platforms.
  • Cultivate productivity and an innovative mindset.
  • Follow food and beverage safety and hygiene policies and procedures.
  • Implement operations for service excellence.
  • Interact with and serve food and beverage guests.
  • Maintain food and beverage production environment.
  • Maintain food and beverage service environment.
  • Maintain quality control procedures

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