Company Name : Juffali Industrial Products Company (JIPCO)

Service Advisor

Job Description

Summary of Job Functions, Responsibilities & Authorities:

  • Advising customers and handling complaints.
  • Issuing clear repair instructions.
  • Following up on work in progress.
  • Ensuring that customers’ vehicles are received and handled with special care and attention.
  • Establishing, managing & updating all relevant service reports under WIP “Work In Progress” such as purchase orders, business partners, parts goods issues, service orders, and job cards.


  • Reporting directly to workshop manager.
  • Communicating with all the workshop staff.
  • Communicating with Supply Chain Warehouses 

As Service Advisor:


  • Establishing and maintaining good customer relations.
  • Schedules service and repair appointments.
  • Receiving vehicles.
  • Advising customers (checking and diagnosing vehicles with test equipment, returning valuables left in the car, documenting body/paint damages in presence of customer, handling difficult cases he cannot handle to his superior, suggest to customer or driver additional repairs which are needed in order to increase workshop turnover. Issuing of detailed receiving forms using standard text and flat rates.
  • Fixing the deadline for completion of work and method of payment.
  • Preparing estimates when required.
  • Advising customers concerning vehicle maintenance, accessories, and technical problems.
  • Explaining warranty and goodwill policy to customers.
  • Apply for warranty goodwill through CASD.
  • Following up in with the progress of repairs in conjunction with the workshop staff involved.
  • Follow up on parts orders to meet vehicle completion date.
  • Continuous update of the reports
  • Continuous update of SAP system
  • Visiting customers
  • Establishing professional communication with warehouses regarding parts availability and estimated arrival time (must be in official reports and trackers in the system and worksheets)
  • Involvement in customers meetings whenever required
  • Readiness to work overtime whenever required (this will be included in the work contract)
  • Acting proactively with customers to check their requirements or if any complaints exist 
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