Company Name : sraco

Senior Technician- Electrical Preventive Maintenance

Job Description


Provide technical support to maintenance/operations managers and engineers with respect to information gathering, data accumulation, basic processing and reporting


Focus Area

Get results through individual contribution, effort and self management

Operational / Functional

1. Consistently achieve all delivery targets (e.g. tons, products, services)

2. Ensure all work is met through quality results (agreed standards, quality, quantity and due dates)

3. Cost awareness and control

4. Resources utilization and efficiency through optimizing available resources and contained cost

5. Consistently achieve all HSE targets

* Consistently ensure quality results and meeting work standards and compliance requirements

* Conduct basic processing and reporting

* Perform all tasks cost consciously

* Independently gather information and data accumulation

* Apply safety in all practices, specifically project planning and execution

* Optimise and control resources effectively

* Achieve safety and risk objectives

* Adheres to standard procedures and practices with guidance

* Practice problem solving and basic decision making

* Design and interpret engineering drawings


1. Understand, support and live the Ma’aden vision, values and goals

2. Takes accountability for personal improvement, personal development, skills development and effectiveness

3. Takes responsibility, agree on and review personal performance goals and achievement of high performance goals

4. Plan, organize, control and report own work and consistently ensure that work is completed to plan

5. Regularly achieves the application/compliance of policies, practices, standards, procedures and methods

6. Resolve work obstacles and issues positively through problem solving and decision making

* Apply learning experience at the workplace

* Set and work towards own performance targets and goals as per performance agreement

* Share new ideas regarding work

* Project a positive image of the department

* Question current way of doing things, and improve on personal work processes


1. Fully understand and deliver on customers/partner needs and expectations through positive working relationships with all related stakeholders (internal and external)

2. Consistently maintain constructive relationships within the team and with all stakeholders through relationships and collaboration

3. Team and customer communication

4. Continuous improvement through sharing new ideas and implementing them

* Develop effective manager and peer working relationships

* Develop healthy and constructive communication with team and colleagues

* Build customer relationships in order to understand their needs



* Advanced knowledge of discipline engineering principles

* Advanced information gathering and data accumulation

* Basic processing and reporting

* Apply engineering technologies

* Apply fundamentals of the value chain

* Basic understanding of fundamentals of business processes

* Advanced statistical analysis


• Developing self

• Embrace digitalisation within the function

• Networking and collaboration


• Safety advocate – anywhere and everywhere

• Advanced awareness and understanding of HSE rules and procedures

• Concern for own wellbeing and that of others

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