Company Name : Smart Lightning

Senior Technical Sales Engineer

Job Description

Develop products or program suggestions for clients and successfully sell them

Manage billing and delivery of the company’s products

Meet with clients at appointments for sales presentations

Follow up to ensure the customer is satisfied

Stay knowledgeable by continuing to read and study new data that is related to the company industry

Acquire new customers by winning them over from competitors and discovering new opportunities

Modeling the financial business case associated with each sales opportunity

Effectively communicate client needs for future product enhancements

Excellent organizational skills and a keen eye for detail

Creativity to approach sales and build customer relationships in groundbreaking new ways

Preparing and developing technical presentations to explain our company’s products or services to customers.

Discussing tools needs and system requirements with customers and engineers.

Researching, developing and modifying products to meet customers’ technical requirements and needs.

Soliciting and logging client feedback and evaluating the data to create new sales and marketing strategies to target customers.

Identifying areas for improvement and communicating these issues as well as possible solutions to upper management.

Setting and achieving sales goals and quotas.

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