Company Name : HungerStation

Senior Software Engineer – iOS

Job Description


To collaborate with the Product Team in order to understand product requirements and provide technical expertise for all products as required, and to assist in analyzing, designing, testing, and structuring the required solutions to deliver a high-quality working software based on the business needs and standards.

Key Activities

Software Development

● Keep abreast of latest software development methodologies in order to be able to provide best-in-class software solutions

● Analyze product requirements in order to understand engineering requirements, evaluate technical feasibility, estimate efforts and provide the required solutions in collaboration with Product Team

● Assist in building development components and managing the programming of the different solution components in order to transform the requirements into actual working software accurately

● Document all coding steps in order to ensure comprehensibility and to facilitate future modifications and maintenance

● Investigate and resolve issues and bugs through patches and other means

● Collaborate with other colleagues in order to assist each other in code reviews and deliver code review reports accordingly

● Perform functional and module testing in order to ensure functionality of delivered solutions

● Monitor evaluate and report on product development and recommend improvements where necessary

● Assist in user trials and acceptance testing

Governance and Resilience

● Follow all relevant policies, procedures, and processes in order for the daily work to be carried out in a controlled and consistent manner

● Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of processes, practices, work processes, cost effectiveness, and productivity enhancement

● Promote to other employees within the organization the implementation and adherence to policies, procedures, processes, and instructions

Daily Operations

● Follow daily operations relating to the job to ensure work continuity

● Contribute to preparing timely and accurate reports that concern the line of work to meet the requirements, objectives, and standards

● Ensure the satisfaction of both internal and external customers by addressing their needs in a courteous and timely manner

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