Company Name : Electrical Industries Company

Senior Section Supervisor

Job Description

  • Ensure the progress of all production process of the related section in accordance with the company’s established.
  • Plan and coordinates the activities of individual sections to manufacturing as per monthly schedules
  • Give feedback to production Supervisors about the production difficulties and material shortages.
  • Coordinate with Store for the issue of required production materials / excess / left over on scrap materials.
  • Resolve all difficulties during the working day to have smooth operation
  • Coordinate with other sections in order to keep smooth product flow.
  • Ensure all required safety precautions are taken to have safe operation & personnel.
  • Issue planned output is given with allocated hours & manpower in relevant section.
  • Report machine breakdown to the maintenance department and any non-conforming products to the QA Dept. for their necessary action.
  • Ensure that the downtimes are kept to the minimum and quality to the highest possible levels.
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