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Senior Resident Construction Manager

  • Anywhere

Major Activities Performed:
• Develops overall construction management strategic plan to execute roads, infrastructure and building project(s) deliverables in adherence to the contract & stakeholder milestones.
• Establishes detailed construction scope of work for roads, infrastructure and building project(s) as directed by Division of Technical Affairs and Dept. of Construction Senior Management in conjunction with other divisions and Client, and in accordance with project(s) proposal and contract.
• Establishes, the project(s) required staff and priorities in coordination with Department Senior Management to develop overall manpower requirements necessary to execute the scope(s) of work of project(s) undertaken.
• Generally responsible for all project contractor(s) oversight, daily management of quality assurance, and safety program adherence.
• Delegates the authority among the project team for the execution of the project construction program and, through the SRCE, RCE and other staff members, monitor these construction activities for compliance with established schedules and budgets.
• Monitors the progress of all project(s) functions and reports on their status to the Division Management and Client as required.
• Gives particular attention to reporting matters affecting project(s) overruns or delays and makes every effort with Division Management to rectify these conditions.
• Supplies Division Management and or Client with current, accurate information regarding the status of all project(s) management functions by the maintenance of appropriate records and the periodic issuance of informative reports. Responsible and required to maintains, through the Project Staff, a Chronological file of project history, supported by the compilation of minutes of meetings and a daily log of significant events affecting the project.
• Keeps the Project Sponsor informed of significant project milestones and of major conditions that could affect the project costs, schedule of client relations.
• Provides the support required and assistant to the Client’s responsible division Dept. during the negotiation, and awarding of contracts as required.
• As the Authorize Representative of the Client, requires and responsible to adequately review and accurately approves all submitted contracts and supplier vendors invoices and forwarding them to the appropriate Accounting Department for further processing for preparation of invoices to the client.
• Approves all submittals to the Client of project work outputs, information requests, advisor notices, project status reports, etc.
• Reviews all work for compliance with the contract.
• Identifies out-of-scope work requirements.
• Prepares contract change notices as required.
• Coordinates intra company work assignments with other divisions, departments, and or field offices.
• Performs other project management functions as required by Management. Establishes project management procedures for execution of construction management tasks.
• Creates, modifies, and updates the Project Management Plan and Project Execution Plan as required.
• Supervises the project(s)’ staff members of; Senior Resident Construction Engineers, Resident Construction Engineers, .etc. Manager and his subject matter experts in their duties to insure Contractor compliance with Contract.
• Supervises other assigned engineering staff as deemed necessary by Management as well as any outstanding design efforts.

Organizational Relationship:
• Under General Supervision reports to the Client’s Department of Construction Senior Management Director and Manager of Construction, Section Manager, and ultimately to the Program Manager, and Senior Management of the Client. Directly supervises a staff consisting of, but not limited to, Senior and Resident Construction Engineers, Project Controls Manager & Engineers, Quality Manager, Site Engineers and Inspectors HSE Manager, Technical Manager, and all Administrative Staff assigned to the project (s).

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Wordpress backlinks generator
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Cities and States latitudes and longitudes
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