Company Name : Edecs El-Dawlia For Engineering and Contracting

Senior Procurement Engineer

Job Description

  • Provide supported documents on approvals for project materials and subcontractors’ submittals.
  • Prepares technical and commercial data and information for obtaining quotations.
  • Receive Purchase Requests from operations and suggests possible alternatives, or directly issue purchase orders to corresponding suppliers and subcontractors in case of no objection.
  • Inspect suppliers’ production facilities, evaluate the subcontractor’s competency, and implement a rating system.
  • Conduct weekly visits to assigned projects to verify the supplied material and sub-contractor’s performance.
  • Review the supplier and subcontractor database showing the specialty, according to the performance KPI, while keeping the log updated.
  • Review monthly inventory of the stored items and goods using the Warehouse Log and the delivery notes/release notes / Item return forms to cross-check.
  • Manage and execute the procurement project plan, and make sure all project deliverables are in time and comply with project specs.

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