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Senior Partnerships and Events Manager

Job Description

At, we are committed to empowering people to lead better lives by providing tools and information to build a lifestyle of choice.

We are passionate about our services and seek to deliver the best experience for our customers. Not only are we devoted to our work and customers but most meaningfully to each other’s success.


  1. Strategy
  • Defining the Partnerships and Events strategy to drive traffic and revenue
  • Managing existing relationships with key partners and affiliates, as well as driving new opportunities and partnerships
  • Devise strategies to onboard partners and affiliates with relevant organisations and public associations that will increase registrations, traffic, and branding impressions as per agreed KPIs
  • Define yearlong Events strategy and participate in key industry events mainly in UAE/KSA/Egypt
  1. Business Development
  • Contact new prospective partners and affiliates as per strategy and close agreements on mutually agreed terms
  • Reach out to Event organisers in the above-mentioned markets in advance and negotiate barter/paid opportunities 
  1. Execution

– Events:

  • Create a comprehensive list of all potential events in the region and decide which events make sense to participate in.
  • Reach out to the shortlisted Event organisers and negotiate barter/paid deals for presence as exhibitors in the events
  • Manage all appropriate legal paperwork (e.g., contracts and terms of the agreement)
  • Manage and coordinate all agreed-upon marketing collaterals, booth selection, speaking slots, etc.
  • Coordinate with internal content creators to create designs, written content, and barter content required by the signed contract
  • Manage with all internal and external teams to produce all material collaterals management activities, resources, equipment, and information related to the specific event (Print, Digital assets, roll-up banners, Flyers, Booth designs, etc)
  • Work with suppliers to deliver quality and cost-efficient material for all campaigns (i.e., negotiate rates, approvals on LPO, etc.)
  • Visit the event site before the scheduled event date and make sure everything is in order


– Partnerships and Affiliates:

  • Manage current partnerships and ensure that deliverables on both sides are successfully met. 
  • Manage affiliates and track delivery as well as optimization to meet targets
  • Issue all appropriate legal paperwork (e.g., contracts and terms of the agreement)
  • Create, compile and export databases containing all information for each partnership
  • Liaise with partners to identify and define requirements, scope, and objectives
  • Make sure that partners’ needs are met as the projects evolve
  • Independently carrying out day-to-day optimization, maximization, and client relationship building.
  1. Reporting
  • Gather data, generate reports and carry out performance analysis, checking data to ensure accuracy at every stage
  • Continually review and suggest changes to tactics based on current performance and impact on campaign goals & KPIs
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