Company Name :WFC Holding

Senior Officer – Protocol (UAE National Only)

Customer Service/Support
  • Customer Service/Support
  • UAE

This role will be the interface between the company and the high external V/VIP individual or stakeholder on managing his/her/them travel journey at Airport(s). The person holding the position should not adhere to any direction other than COO, Head of department and Line manager and/or company top management (Chairman & CEO office).

• Implement the communications strategies put together for the V/VIP PAX & distinguished guests
• Provide quality of customer service managing travel movement ensuring all queries are responded to within 24 hours
• Manage pro-actively, consistent quality of service throughout
• Execute Protocol polices & procedures ensuring V/VIP PAX fast departure and smooth arrival
• Liaise with designated contacts at Airport Ops including government entities
• Work within the developed operational plans within protocol requirements and objectives, and meet objectives, timelines and deadlines.
• Coordinate & provide support to relevant governmental organizations in respect of visits by V/VIPs and other defined important guest categories
• Ensure arrival and departure halls readiness prior to every visit
• Attend Chairman and CEO’s protocol handling upon request. Plan, coordinate and execute all aspects of protocol support for senior leadership and their distinguished guests
• Assist in the development, implementation and coordination of the protocol guidelines in particular with respect of national day celebration and other ceremonial matters with V/VIP attendance
• Manage accurate record keeping within the protocol team and provide updates to Manager.
• Contribute and support line manager in all duties.
• Must maintain a record of every travel movement and ensure its is up to date.
• Other administrative duties as assigned

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