Company Name : ERC International Human Resources Consultancies

Senior Manager Government Affairs

Job Description

 ·       To maintain and enhance relationship with key people from Dubai and Abu Dhabi governments as well as key stakeholders in MENA major countries·       To analyze influences of key stakeholders in MENA region and develop high-level outreach plan as well as execute in order to solve issues or any other problems affecting company’s businesses·       To develop strategies and advocacy plans to respond to key policy and regulation relevant to company’s businesses and activities in MENA·       To do sensing and analyzing intelligence and risks from governments and other public sectors regarding policy, law, regulation, movement of keep people, any other risk and business opportunities which affect business in MENA region·       To have capability and experience of crisis management and strategic communications with stakeholder from public sector·       To support B2G deals identifying useful information, building relationships, etc.·       To support resolving operational issues due to policy change, product qualities, standards, approvals, licenses, etc.·       To manage and provide guidance upon subsidiaries and relevant colleagues in MENA region as RHQ·       Immediately interfere, support, and solve any issue related to government if it needs a support from government.·       Maintain up-to-date knowledge about employment law as it relates to employee relations.

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