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Company Name : Rasan

Senior Internal Auditor

Job Description

Position Overview                                                                                                                                                                             

The incumbent examines and analyses accounting records to determine financial status of organization and prepares financial reports concerning operating procedures by performing the following       duties.

Key Roles and Responsibilities                                                                                  

  • Reviews data regarding material assets, net worth, liabilities, capital stock, surplus, income, and expenditures.
  • Reviews computer-generated reports to determine if accepted accounting procedure was followed in recording transactions.
  • Counts cash on hand, inspects notes receivable and payable, negotiable securities, and cancelled checks.
  • Verifies journal and ledger entries of cash and check payments, purchases, expenses, and trial balances by examining and authenticating inventory items.
  • Prepares reports for management concerning scope of audit, financial conditions found, and source and application of funds.
  • Makes recommendations regarding improving operations and financial position of company.
  • Establishes guidelines for discovering and preventing fraud.
  • Examines company payroll and personnel records to determine worker’s compensation coverage.
  • Establishes and maintains client relationships.


Note: The above is a list of the key accountabilities of the role. The employee in this role is expected to be open to manage other responsibilities that are linked to this role which can be assigned to him by his manager from time to time


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