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Company Name : Amazon - United Kingdom

Senior Compliance Associate with English

Job Description

Job summary

Amazon Compliance Operations (C-Ops) ensures that every product and service provided by Amazon Consumer division meets compliance and safety policies as defined by External Regulators and Amazon Policies. C-Ops performs activities such as product classification, both independent and assisted by technology such as Machine Learning, compliance documents reviews, syntax authoring, Selling Partner issue resolution, and quality audits.

Via these actions, we coordinate transactions that are regulated such as storage, shipping, sale, and import/export. We are also responsible for keeping Amazon customers safe and informed by coordinating actions around product recalls. These actions include removing recalled/restricted products from the site and from our Fulfilment Centers, and contacting customers with pertinent safety information.

As a Senior Compliance Associate, you will get multiple opportunities to develop your functional expertise within the processes described above. In addition, we offer the autonomy to make decisions, implement ideas, and measure results.

Key job responsibilities

Your job responsibilities as a Senior Compliance Associate may include:

  • Classify products based on Standard Operating Procedures within task metrics such as Quality , Productivity and SLA.
  • Write syntaxes which auto-classify similar products under a specific policy.
  • Respond to product compliance issues raised by internal and external stakeholders such as Vendor Managers, Area Managers or Amazon Selling Partners.

In addition, you may be expected to take on a larger organizational role via the following actions:

  • Initiate and implement initiatives to enhance process, quality, efficiency and customer experience.
  • Conduct training and mentoring sessions for colleagues.
  • Analyze quality and process issues to determine and implement corrective and preventive actions.

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