Company Name : Innovative Care Co / New You Medical Center

Senior Clinical Dietitian

Job Description

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• Be responsible for the day to day management and supervision of the dietetics service provided.

• Utilize the appropriate tools, assessment forms, in provision of the nutritional care.

• Develop and implement new plans of care based on the changing trends in nutritional science.

• Communicate and maintain the appropriate nutritional care data through written records system.

• Evaluate the nutritional care processes to provide follow up for continuity of care.

• Advice all departmental members on any advances or new findings in the field of dietetics which can be implemented to better care for the patient and increase the healthy outcome.

• Member of health teams, and other teams as required by the Hospital policies

• Interview and instruct inpatients and outpatients, primary care patients and /or their relative in the management of dietetics regimes, food selection, economics, adapting to changing plans customized to the individual lifestyles at home during the clinic time.

• Maintains updated and necessary patient education materials and nutrition references and textbooks .

• On referral, interview patients, not receiving therapeutic diets, to assess their nutritional intake or advice on the provision of specific dietary requirements.

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