Company Name : commercial bank of qatar

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Qatar

Job Description

Job Summary

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst specializing in report development is responsible for designing, creating, and maintaining reports that communicate data insights effectively to Business. This includes gathering and integrating data, querying, and manipulating data, designing visualizations and dashboards, optimizing performance, and providing user training. Their goal is to deliver actionable information to Business through well-designed dashboards reports.

Key Accountabilities

  • Developing and maintaining the reporting framework, which includes defining metrics and data models to support reporting needs.
  • Developing BI Dashboards for various Business Units, including Senior Management.
  • Being able to quickly grasp and understand main concepts of different Subject Matters across the Bank: Retail and Wholesale banking, Risk, Finance, Ops, etc.
  • Collaborating closely with business users to understand their requirements and translating those requirements into report logic.
  • Designing reports to effectively communicate data insights, including selecting appropriate visualizations and layout for maximum clarity and impact.
  • Optimizing report performance by fine-tuning queries, implementing caching mechanisms, and ensuring timely data refreshes.
  • Monitoring and maintaining existing reports, making necessary enhancements based on user feedback, and ensuring the accuracy and availability of reports. If report has issue, then work on that manually until its fixed.
  • Documenting report specifications, data sources, and report design guidelines in Data Catalogue for future reference and to facilitate knowledge sharing.
  • Mentoring junior team members and promoting best practices of BI Development in the team.
  • Conducting training sessions to educate users on report navigation, filtering, and interpretation of report data, ensuring that the reports are effectively utilized for decision-making.
  • Promoting overall Data Literacy and Data-Driven approach in the Bank.
  • Extracting Data from DWH and various other sources for Ad Hoc requests.

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