Company Name : Smartex International FZE

Security Officer

Job Description

1. Maintain order at the gate, ensure that the gate is clear, advise non-factory guests not to stay at the gate without reason;

2.Manage the company’s security facilities and appliances, prohibit the use of non-related personnel;

3.Shall not be absent without leave, be warm, polite and thoughtful in guests’ inquiries to make guests satisfaction. Strictly prohibited to use foul language to treat guests. Maintain the vehicle entry order of this post, encounter unexpected situations and other reasons such as obstruction of traffic, should be reported and unblocked in a timely manner, and keep records;

4. Strictly carry out their duties, strengthen the patrol of key areas and vital parts, and deal with or report suspicious situations to their superiors as appropriate;

5. Schedule and park vehicles strictly in accordance with the designated parking area to keep the lane unblocked;

6. Inspect and register internal and external personnel entering and leaving the factory to prevent the loss of company assets.

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