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Company Name : Al Futtaim Group

Secondary Maths/ Science Teacher | Universal American school | Dubai

Job Description


Actively engage the students in inspiring inquiry based, conceptual and constructivist learning, contextualized through

experiential learning and real life applications. Using innovative and balanced approaches to teaching and learning

and foster a positive environment for student’s individual growth. Actively support the school’s mission of being the

leading American International school in the region by embracing the school’s vision and values through embodying

the 7 domains of the Universal definition of learning (see UAS Teacher Profile)


● Demonstrates extensive knowledge of content, AERO standards and IB Programme(s), and a wide range of

  instructional pedagogies

● Applies knowledge of varied approaches to learning in instruction, lesson planning, questioning, and assessment

● Utilizes technology effectively, where appropriate, both in classroom, instruction, and for student assignments to

  advance the educational process and engage students

● Ensures that all learning objectives are clear and communicated effectively to students

● Demonstrates classroom management and ensures that standards of conduct are clear to all students and appear to

  have been developed with student participation i.e. – a classroom Essential Agreement

● Creates a classroom environment that is safe, inclusive, engaging, student-centered, and inquiry-based

● Documents each student’s progress consistently throughout the course of the year, and efficiently collects evidence of

  learning and progress

● Provides high quality and regular feedback – both formative and summative – that is an accurate reflection of the


● Ensures that students have regular opportunities for reflection and self – assessment

● Utilizes a variety of internal and external assessments tools to inform instruction



● Demonstrates in planning and preparation coherent instructional design

● Ensures that the classroom contains all items on the learning environment checklist

● Designs learning activities that are differentiated in approach

● Constantly reflects on curriculum resources that meet the AERO priority standards

● Uses student data effectively in planning for teaching and learning

● Works collaboratively to complete a unit planner for every unit of inquiry (UOI)/interdisciplinary unit (IDU)

  Teacher 2021

● Keeps up-to-date with developments in subject area/s, new research and resources, methods and curriculum objectives



● Provides regular information to parents through the school’s digital communication platforms, as appropriate, about the

  instructional program, student progress, both academic and developmental

● Meets with parents/guardians regularly (min. 3 times per AY) to discuss the student progress and provide feedback on

  improvement plans

● Communicates regularly with appropriate school personnel about the student’s academic, social, and emotional

  development, including division leadership and Student Support Services

● Advises and collaborates with the SLT and other teachers in the preparation and development of courses, teaching and

  learning methodologies, assessment and pastoral care arrangements



● Demonstrates genuine tolerance and respect for individual students and colleagues

● Works collaboratively

● Acts as an active and positive contributor to grade level/department teams and to the entire UAS community

● Abides by policies and procedures outlined in the Staff Handbook and as otherwise provided by the school

● Lives up to the UAS Teacher Profile standards

● Participates in school events, making a substantive and healthy contribution in some aspect of school life outside of the

  classroom (i.e. after school activities, coaching, lunch clubs)

● Actively seeks out peer learning opportunities and uses professional development to enhance classroom instruction

● Utilizes the resources and expertise of the local and global community to provide experiential and real-life learning

  opportunities for students

● Attends and participates actively, productively, and enthusiastically in grade level team or departmental decision-making

● Demonstrates a willingness to be a team player, and to participate readily in any other duties, as assigned.


NB: Other duties/responsibilities deemed necessary by the school leadership may be added.

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