Company Name : Egypt Education Platform (EEP)

School Counsellor

Job Description

Job Description

GEMS British International School in Madinaty is seeking to hire a dynamic & professional School Counsellor. 

  • The School Counsellor directly responsible for the psychological assessment of academic, social, emotional, and behavioral domains utilizing problem-solving and standardized evaluations.
  • The School Counsellor monitors the completion of case study evaluations and participates in Individual Education Plan (IEP) conferences and problem-solving meetings designing systems, programs and services that maximize students’ social, emotional, and educational success.
  • In collaboration with staff, families, students, and communities the school Counsellor promotes effective educational environments.

Job description

  • The school Counsellor ‘s responsibilities include administering psychological evaluations, providing counseling, making diagnoses, and contributing to the development of learning programs.
  • To be successful as a school Counsellor you should be able to successfully aid students in their personal and academic development. Ultimately, an outstanding School Psychologist is compassionate and committed to students’ well-being.


  • Listening to students’, staff’s, parents’ concerns about academic, emotional or social issues.
  • Providing individual and group counseling as appropriate.
  • Administering and evaluating psychological tests and preparing reports.
  • Helping students to process and overcome their problems.
  • Assisting students with the development of goals and action plans.
  • Engaging and counseling teachers, parents, and caregivers about issues.
  • Researching and implementing intervention programs.
  • Developing programs to address behavioral issues and learning difficulties.
  • Assessing and diagnosing students to determine eligibility for special services.
  • Participating in continuing professional development.

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