Company Name : Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Group Of Companies - Saudi Arabia

Sales Manager

Job Description

Sales Manager at AK-JV will be responsible for assessing and sourcing new business opportunities for AK-JV in Saudi Arabia. The AK-JV is in the business of manufacturing light poles, guard rails, pedestrian fence, industrial vents and road barriers

Key Responsibilities

  • Research and recommend prospects for new business opportunities in Saudi market
  • Collect and analyze market information and prepare data and sales reports
  • Design and implement marketing plans for AK-JV’s products. Work with the sales team  to develop targeted sales strategies
  • Reach out to consultants and contractors engaged in road construction activity, determine their needs and secure contracts for AK-JV
  • Liaise with Government authorities relevant to AK-JV business activities, and promote company’s products and services
  • Work closely with the Members of AK-JV on day-to-day basis
  • Present the progress of business development efforts on a bi-weekly basis
  • Answer client queries about product specifications and uses
  • Stay current with trends and competitors to identify improvements or recommend new products
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