Company Name : Confidential Company Abu Dhabi

Sales Manager

Job Description

  • To pass on/discuss customer complaints with the production team , follow-up for proper corrective action and provide feedback to the customers.
  •  Manage the whole sales operation to deliver quality product & service to End Consumer.
  • List the product with various Key Customers and hypermarkets and negotiate for good terms and conditions (listing fees, pricing, credit facility, rebate etc.) in favour of the company.
  • To Manage & Support the Sales Team to get orders from customers and ensure attractive visibility of the product on the shelves to the Consumer.
  • To meet customers on a regular basis and address their requirements and resolve their issues.
  • Liase with the production team and guide them to schedule production planning to meet the market orders/demands.
  • To instruct/co-ordinate with the processing plant for packing schedule under different SKUs as per market requirement.
  • Co-ordinate with production manager and determine the right quantity and Size of birds to be slaughtered so as to meet market requirements.
  • Check and monitor daily sales activities and reports of Sales Team.
  • Monitor and instruct sales coordinator/Store keeper for distribution of products as per market requirement and availability.
  • To manage sales supervisors/ representatives/ Merchandizers/delivery personnel and instruct them on daily delivery schedules and routes.
  • Interact and support sales team for Payment collection and follow up with customers.
  • Co-ordinate with operations manager to negotiate with various suppliers of Packaging materials to ensure quality of all packaging material required by sales and marketing divisions.
  • Co-ordinate with Higher Management to determine product pricing structure and determine credit policy and facility for various customers.
  • Manage the fleet of Sales vehicles, monitor their lease contracts and ensure that they are serviced and in good condition. Not included in JD
  • To Monitor debtors list and ensure proper collection as per agreed terms.
  • Monitor and check receipts of cash on cash sales route. – should not include in JD
  • Advise credit limit in the system for various customers
  • Keep the sales vehicles in good shape : washed & sanitized daily & make ready for tomorrow shipments. – not included in JD
  • Assure that sales staff ( drivers & helpers) are tidy & wearing company uniforms . Personal hygiene should be followed & monitored. – Not Included in JD

Temperature monitoring of the sales vehicles using Data loggers whenever poss

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