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Sales Manager

  • Operations/Management
  • Egypt

Job Description :

1. Responsible for setting sales targets  for setting performance measurement standards for supervisors and delegates according to the company’s strategic directions, and responsible for implementing them on time, working to achieve the desired goals and overcoming any obstacles2. Responsible for preparing the annual sales plan according to the expected sales volume  and the target sales volume and in light of customer needs.3. Responsible for supervising all sales activities , and responsible for their efficiency in achieving the target sales volume, preparing monthly reports on actual sales versus the target, and taking the necessary steps to improve results.4. Responsible for the regularity of the workflow of the branches and agencies in the governorates  and responsible for continuously raising their performance and raising the level of service therein. He is also responsible for displaying products in an appropriate manner, and is responsible for the sales representatives’ application of the specified bases and conditions.5. Fully responsible for clients’ indebtedness in the labor market, and responsible for following up on collections on an ongoing basis with supervisors and delegates.6. Full responsibility for the movement of the entry and exit of products within the branches of the governorates , and responsible for implementing the company’s policy in this regard.7. Be fully responsible for the profits and losses of the expenses related to sales to the governorates of East Delta and Canal cities in branches and agencies8. Responsible for reviewing the current itineraries of all cars and regions and responsible for updating and developing them permanently, and responsible for setting up a system to monitor them to raise the efficiency of the sales volume for each car.9. Responsible for making visits to clients and agents to the governorates  on an ongoing basis and is responsible for presenting periodic reports and statistics on clients and agents in terms of sales – market status – customer opinions – market requirements and then submits them to his direct manager.10. Responsible for creating complete customer databases that include complete information about them and their data, and is responsible for updating them on an ongoing basis

Job Requirements :

Excellent communication skillsBachelor degreeExcellent communication and negotiation skillsStrong business sense and industry expertiseLeadership skills.Market Knowledge 

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