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Company Name : MHP

Sales Executive

Job Description

Job objective:

Contribute to achieving the objectives of the sharing the updates with the line manager continuously


Key responsibilities:

Sale Management:

  1. Achieving of sales, coverage, average price & focus targets set by the management and analysis of their achievement daily.
  2. Taking and processing orders from customers by using the special mobile application.                           ·
  3. Developing added volume products, constantly keep in touch with the customers to clarify their requirements, find out their difficulties to generate solutions can be enhanced by MHP.
  4. Visiting the outlets according to approved Route Plan, Photo report in attendance group and setting goals for the next visit.
  5. Presenting and selling the products according to volume and assortment planned for the period.
  6. Ensuring better profitability by having basket orders from special price customers.                                ·
  7. Prepare and fill quotation/tenders for potential customers on terms of price, volume, period and SKU.
  8. Addition of new SKU with the existing customer to increase the depth of coverage on regular basis.
  9. Timely response to customer complaints on the quality and quantity of goods delivered. Understanding the quality issue and filling up the complaint Form for submission to the management at the earliest.
  10. Control of in-time delivery of products and inform management about any delays.                                 ·
  11. Collecting information on competitors’ work (price monitoring) on a daily basis    
  12. Timely informing customers about prices changes.                                                                                                    ·
  13.  Identifying and addition of new potential customers with good payment backgrounds on permanent basis.
  14. Collection and preparation of all required documents for processing an opening of a new customer into the system.

Account Receivable: ( Product):

  1. Control of financial discipline, the number of receivables from each customer
  2. Confirmation of SOA with customers in time.                                                                                                             ·
  3. Timely collecting payment from customers and transferring to the cashier or depositing to the company account within 24 hours.
  4. Informing management about appearance of problematic debt in time.
  5. Control Account Receivables report on daily basis to prevent any cases of overdue from the customers.

Standards Management:

  1. Coordinating among different departments (Logistic/Finance/Marketing etc.) for smooth operations.

Administrative Work:

  1. Informing the management on their activities in due time;
  2. Reporting to the management in accordance with the company policy.
  3. Executing other tasks received from the management.
  4. Following all agreed standards, regulations and rules established in the company.
  5.  Dealing with the inquiries and requests of MHP Saudi Arabia Trading Company, employees and consumers.
  6. Preparation and participation in the reporting meetings.
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