Company Name : SRACO

Sales Engineer-Medical Equipment

Job Description

1.  Medical equipment sales representative with experience in medical equipment field  

2. Scheduling meetings with potential and existing customers, which includes doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other health care professionals.

2. Presenting company products to potential and existing customers and persuading them to make purchases.

3. Identifying customers’ needs and recommending company products that best fulfill those needs.

4. Maintaining solid working relationships with new and existing customers by providing excellent after-sales service.

5. Arranging conferences and group events for medical professionals.

6. Researching competitors’ products, pricing, and market success.

7. Preparing sales reports as well as territory analyses and submitting them to management. 8. Attend sales meetings, conference calls, training sessions and symposium circuits 9. Keep detailed records of all contacts 10. win new customers, as well as develop long-term relationships with existing one

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