Company Name : RecruitMe Plus

Sales Consultant

Job Description

Our client is a Retail company for high-end luxury kitchens and operations across GCC regions.

Job Summary:

The Sales function is the most critical commercial function in the company. Sales need to convince incoming customers to buy a high-quality product through specialized kitchen retail and fitting


Execute the documented Sales process, translate it into your personal action, to give your sales

approach the required personal touch.

Make the customer buy, by providing customized kitchen designs meeting 100% of customers’ needs

and budget.

Develop a trustful relationship with the customer to finally make him buy even more than initially planned.

Convince clients through high-end 3D animation and inspiring showroom tours, all guided by the principle

that you would like to support to find the customer’s dream kitchen, being able to select from the

preselected options.

Attract the customer to purchase appliances through the company – by providing appliance set collections in

different price categories – incorporate appliances display picture in CARAT 3D animation to show him

final look out of his kitchen.

Secure maximum revenue for the company, use developed customer relations to sell Appliances and

Accessories, avoid customer buys outside the company

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