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RSH Global Technical Director

Job Description

About The RSH Programmes

The Global Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub (Global RSH) programme, established in 2019, works in 8 countries across Africa, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and South Asia to strengthen their safeguarding policy and practice against sexual exploitation and abuse, and sexual harassment (SEAH). The Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub Eastern Europe (RSH Eastern Europe) is an adaptation of the Global RSH. The Programme works in Moldova, Romania and Poland to respond to war in the Ukraine, which has led to millions of displaced, traumatised, and vulnerable persons inside Ukraine and in surrounding countries.

About the Role

The role of the Technical Director (TD) is to ensure overall quality of the safeguarding technical content and related strategic direction of the Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub programme. This will involve a combination of quality assurance; technical and strategic thought leadership; technical support to the national and regional Hubs on request; and some delivery elements such as designing and overseeing webinars, events and other such activities. 

The TD works closely with the central team, as well as with the various parts of both global and national Hubs. The TD should have deep technical expertise and experience in organisational safeguarding, informed by extensive experience in civil society, supported by the experience and expertise of their own institution/ members of the network.

The role will work 100% between November 2022 and May 2024. The role will line manage the Global Safeguarding Adviser. 

Summary of role

Reports to: Principal Consultant in the Safeguarding Portfolio

Location: For the UK based role, you must have eligibility to work in the UK.

Candidates based in the Middle East and North Africa and South Asia are also welcome to apply.

Appointment term: Full length of the programme

Remuneration Package: £55,000 – £85,000 (depending on location and experience).


The primary responsibilities of the TD are as follows.

Support to the Regional and National Hubs


·      Work closely with the Global Safeguarding Adviser to provide technical advice and quality assurance to all the national and regional Hubs in terms of the delivery of high-quality products – written materials, webinars and podcasts, training materials, research and any other products/ activities.

·      Support the two new Hubs in South Asia to develop and complete their country assessments and associated strategic objectives.

·      Share advice and contacts regarding key stakeholders both internationally and locally (including from the membership network) that would be valuable for the national hubs to approach.

·      Support the strategizing, planning, delivery and M&E of national and regional Hub activities, including in due course sustainable exit strategies – be accessible for brainstorming and advice. 

·      Join regional working groups in order to be alive to issues and opportunities facing the Hubs, and to provide timely technical advice. 

·      Support QA or actual delivery of particular opportunities such as a webinar panellist or assisting with on-boarding of new safeguarding consultants into the directory. 


·      Lead the RSH Steering Committee 

·      Work closely with the Team Leader to develop and implement a sustainability strategy

·      Join regular core team meetings, as well as ad hoc meetings on request. 

·      Provide thought leadership on key thematic issues and assist in the curation of selected materials to promote thematic priorities, drawing on knowledge of the sector. Lead on the formulation of an approach to advocacy in line with the programme’s objectives. 

·      Provide leadership and advice on the contextualisation of RSH materials and resources, this includes considering the content as well as the means of delivery / communications and ensuring that the full product is relevant to less resourced CSOs in the context within which the abuse occurred.

·      Promote an approach across all hubs that recognises the importance of adapting to context but that also recognises where comprehensive adaptation or contextualisation may not necessary.

·      Promote the safeguarding perspectives of less resourced civil society organisations in different international fora, sharing examples from a diverse range of contexts.

·      Collate, share and discuss trends and challenges on different safeguarding topics.

·      Work closely with the Hub Managers and Regional Communications Officers on the stakeholder engagement and communications strategy and plan, providing networks and contacts, and acting as an ambassador for the Hub as needed (eg at selected fora, meetings, roundtables). 

·      Support induction for new team members to ensure colleagues have a good understanding of safeguarding – review induction materials and offer tailored clinics on request. 

·      Support the Team Leader in her role as safeguarding focal point, offering advice, and meeting on a quarterly basis as part of RSH safeguarding committee.  

·      Lead or support Strategic Debates within RSH to ensure that challenging issues are given appropriate attention and the team are able to understand and prioritise critical gaps and issues. 

·      Quality assure all products – including quarterly reports, research, guidance etc. 

·      Advise the Team Leader on safeguarding incidents or reports that RSH receives, as needed.

·      Connect initiatives and share RSH Global updates to RSH EE and to SDDirect safeguarding portfolio.

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