Company Name : Acuative ME

Routing and Switching Engineers

Job Description

Cisco Relevant Platforms: IOS-XR (ex: ASR9K), ISO-XE (ex: ASR1K). (L3 Gateways, PPP terminations/BNG etc.)

MPLS L3 VPNS (expert level)

MPLS L2 VPNS (expert level)

BGP (expert level on label based AFI/SAFI).

ISIS/OSPF (expert level for SP)

Broadband Termination PPP (mid to High level for SP).

Access/Fixed network technologies experience (FTTH, GPON, DSLAMs, WIFI .. etc)

Multivendor network experience.

Experience in solution validation and lab testing environments

Data Center -Classical Spanning Tree based (Mid level)

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