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Company Name : Maximus International


Job Description

The Researcher will be responsible for knowledge transfer to UAE Nationals as per industry standard and global best practices. 

The Researcher supports the Research and Development Expert and the Talent and Labour Public Policy Expert in data gathering, preparation of reports, papers, presentations and other documentation to meet the client needs in relation to a defined schedule of briefings or reporting from the Research and Development team, including reporting on progress, risks, issues and issue mitigations. 

The primary area of focus is the labor market and emphasis may be on human services, education, economic development, community development and/or personnel, labor, and operations.   

The role will also own the coordination of the job seeker master classes as agreed with the client.  


  • Agrees project requirements, objectives and research reference terms.
  • Reviews and implementation of continuous improvement and innovation plans.
  • Produces weekly, monthly update, reports, briefings as required.
  • Prepares written reports, briefing notes and responding to government requests.
  • Reviews and analyse a wide range of data such as market updates and reports, white papers, news
  • Prepares and manages the distribution of surveys and questionnaires
  • Conducts briefings with interviewers and researchers
  • Prepares reports of findings, illustrating data graphically and translating complex findings into written text and visuals
  • Conducts research on job seeker opinions and marketing strategies, and collaborate with statisticians, academics and other professionals
  • Analyses, source, and review information regarding specific policies.
  • Conducts interviews and focus groups within the Job Placement Centre, educational establishments and with employers or job seekers.
  • Designs and conducts surveys to gather data.
  • Shares findings with the wider research team, adhering to required methodologies.
  • Performs document and policy research.
  • Assures that materials produced are consistent with government policy.
  • Keeps up to date with legislation and regulatory reviews or reforms, both domestically and internationally.
  • Provides recommendations on briefings and correspondence.
  • Builds and maintains strong relationship with stakeholders.
  • Maintains strict confidentiality of all information gathered setting up secure storage with strict access limitations.
  • Assists management with budget and time schedules.
  • Maintains confidentiality of any databases or electronic data.
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