Company Name : LAMCO New Technical LLC

Reliability Engineer

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Reliability and Condition Monitoring Engineer to play a key role in our reliability and maintenance team. The ideal candidate will possess strong analytical skills, extensive knowledge of vibration analysis techniques, and hands-on experience with condition monitoring systems.

The primary responsibilities of this role include:


-Conduct vibration analysis on rotating equipment to identify potential issues and provide recommendations for maintenance or replacement.

-Promote and sell reliability product portfolio

-Implement and manage condition monitoring programs to ensure the continuous monitoring of critical machinery.

-Utilize various tools and technologies to collect, analyze, and interpret vibration data.

-Collaborate with maintenance teams to develop predictive maintenance strategies based on analysis findings.

-Generate comprehensive reports detailing analysis results, trends, and recommended actions.

-Perform root cause analysis for equipment failures and implement corrective actions.

-Stay updated on industry best practices, emerging technologies, and advancements in vibration analysis and condition monitoring.

– Integration of reliability systems (vibration, temperature….)

– Perform balancing services

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