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Company Name : Move One

Regional Pricing Coordinator Africa

Job Description


Reporting to the Tender and Pricing Manager, the Regional Pricing Coordinator shall be responsible for the day
to day administration & processing of quote & rate requests for the Africa sector. Within this, the Regional
The pricing Coordinator shall ensure that requests are being appropriately and strategically assigned to the right
team members at the right times as part of our efforts to drive quoter output and minimize quote turnaround
The Regional Pricing Coordinator Active shall bear responsibility for;
● sourcing/vetting new local vendors, ensuring a good understanding of their capabilities
● negotiating favourable standard rates with a view to securing later inclusion on our Approved Vendor List
● maintaining productive, collaborative relationships with all approved vendors supporting our key trade lanes
(including face to face meetings where practicable).
A key aspect of the role shall be to monitor the preparation and issue of quotes per our prioritization model,
ensuring that priority level 1 (P1) quote requests, in particular, are attended to promptly, prepared at the
requisite quality and priced according to the most competitive costs available within the designated deadlines
(per each priority level and move type).
The Regional Pricing Coordinator shall be responsible to ensure that requests are being appropriately
delegated in a timely manner throughout the day, being further responsible to ensure that the workload is being
effectively and efficiently distributed across the team.
Additionally, the Regional Pricing Coordinator shall liaise closely with the individual quoters throughout the day
● track the progress and timely issuance of quotes for requests where all necessary costs have previously been
identified as being in-hand
● re-assign requests as necessary to ensure smooth workflow and minimize delays
● follow-up on the procurement of costs, ensuring that requests for rates have been floated in an expeditious
manner, based on approved vendors and/or partners
● follow-up on requests for quote revisions and ensure that these are being processed at a priority level
● provide additional support to individual quoters in handling / resolving frustrated requests by working directly
with vendors, local offices and partners as necessary.
The Regional Pricing Coordinator shall further assist, as necessary, in the preparation of high quality
responses, both Commercial & Technical, to Requests for Proposals / Pre-Qualifications / Requests for
Information and coordinating any associated Commercial proposals from inception to completion for the
tender & project opportunities handled by the Logistics Division.
The Regional Pricing Coordinator may also be required to provide supplementary support to our Salesforce
and Move One Product Heads/opportunity owners in a client-facing capacity in an effort to fully understand

Administer the functional mail-boxes for cargo quotes, ensuring that all requests are delegated in a timely fashion
Determine and UNDERSTAND exact customer needs and requirements
Identify any missing information and ensure the customer is contacted to resolve information Conduct weekly quote(s) quality audits (min. 5 quotes per team member) – with a focus on tim sehloinrteasgse a(sn)d
quality, identifying deficiencies and advising remedial action as necessary e.g. additional training. Particular
attention should be paid to P1 requests
Preparation of regular weekly / monthly / quarterly quoting activity reports, additionally providing summary
analysis of the same with particular attention paid to win-ratios, and notable business trends
Support Tender Management:
providing summary analysis, where necessary, of the same to assist in “bid / no bid decision”, strategy for
pricing & allocation of quoting resources
for Technical Bids, Pre-Qualifications, Route Survey Documentation and Proposals and Concept of Operations
/ Execution Plans.
determining regional RFP requirements, ensuring all cost elements have been captured on the basis of
estimates and final costings.
Ensure that regional RFP commercial proposals/quotations are current, accurate and complete, meeting all of
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future estimates.
Support Key Account & Project Pricing:
Actively support Sales personnel, Product Heads and Move One opportunity owners in client-facing and/or
conference call settings, providing expert analysis & input with regards to the nature of the opportunity,
potential solutions and/or challenges, thereby ensuring our fullest understanding of their requirements as part
of a consolidated effort to best position ourselves to secure the business.
Active responsibility for maintaining productive, collaborative relationships with all nominated Key Account
customers through quote follow-ups & regular / periodic communications to develop a complete understanding
of their on-going and future logistics & supply-chain needs, increasing our opportunities to bid and to enhance
Preparation of timely responses to all Key Account & Project RFQ’s in line with Move One stipulated guidelines
for preparation of quotes with respect to margins, cost analysis and approved service providers.
Support Transactional Quote Requests:
Work in close collaboration with Operations, Country Managers, Vendors and Pricing Specialist(s) to ensure
tariffs are based on currently confirmed costs and accurately reflect standard operational procedures
Actively procure (& maintain updated) agent / vendor rates on file
in the system, seeking further information to facilitate cross-selling / provision of additional services and
greater awareness of competitor pricing & strategy with particular attention paid to Key Accounts and high
potential and high value opportunities
Record basic customer information, key RFQ details and dates for each inquiry in the Quote Master Tracker to
maintain visibility and ensure individual quoters update with additional quote data in an accurate and timely
Tmhaen nReergional Pricing Coordinator shall ensure that the below quoter Key Performance Indicators are
Icno-ngsaiustgeen,t lnyo mn eHta; zardous Air / FCL / LCL import requests: within 24 hours (same or next day dependent on
time of receipt)
In-gauge, non Hazardous Air / FCL / LCL export requests: within 48 hours

Out of Gauge and/or Hazardous Sea or Air Shipments (e.g. Break-Bulk, charter handling / freight requests
etc): within 48 to 72 hrs
Land Transportation Requests: within 24 hours (same or next day dependent 100% accuracy month-on-month for all system entries, status follow-ups and Mona stitmere Q ouf oretec eTirpat)cker daily
Actively participate in the induction of new hires, ensuring new quoters are appropriately trained in terms of
quotation / tender best practices. Additionally, assist in on-going training for existing quoting personnel
Job-specific Competencies:
Communication: Demonstrable ability to give and gather information and to actively manage the communication
process, stating own views clearly and concisely while able to tackle disagreements constructively
communication process, stating own views clearly and concisely while able to tackle disagreements
Customer Oriented: Demonstrable ability to anticipate customer needs and expectations and able to identify
opportunities to benefit both the customer and Move One
Motivation: Demonstrable ability to support and encourage individuals and teams as a collective, seeking to
build a positive and productive working environment. Capable of self-motivating, working well on own
initiative, demonstrating good utilization of time whilst working pro-actively.
Relationship Building: Demonstrable ability build cooperative working relationships within team framework and
resolve conficts to produce a positive outcome
Task Management: Effective execution of regional and global pricing models and strategies.
Task Management: Delivery of pricing projects in full, on time.
Workload Management: Ability to multi-task and manage competing priorities.
PStarcees:s PMroavneang esmucecnet:s sA binil iaty f atos tm-paancaegde e sntvreirsosn mefefenct.tively, maintaining high level of performance during peak
Focus: Keen attention to detail and accuracy

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Cities and States latitudes and longitudes
Creative shipping and logistics solution in Egypt
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