Company Name : Confidential Company Lebanon

Quality Management Manager

Job Description


This job targets an experienced candidate in Quality Management. The Quality Management Manager ensures the proper implementation and continuous improvement of the quality management system and any other systems/certifications. The Quality Management Manager must upkeep operations in compliance with the company’s systems & certifications and in alignment with its business strategy.

Main Accountabilities:

  • Plan & manage the quality management systems and certifications from implementation to maintenance, audits, and action plan completion
  • Review, verifies and validates the organization systems to assure fully integration and alignment with processes and in compliance with standards
  • Develop and maintain a documentation system customized to the company’s services, stakeholders’ interests, and customer needs. It should be secured with an accurate documentation tracking system to assure a rigid control mechanism regarding distribution, archiving and control numbering
  • Perform a systematic system review and update
  • Perform a direct hands-on support and guidance to all team leaders and associated staff in the implementation of the systems
  • Plan and conduct Internal audits/inspections, identify nonconformities, create action plan for corrective and preventive actions with regular and timely follow up until execution
  • Plan & participate in the external audits related to QMS & other audits
  • Conduct regular quality meetings & management review meetings in order to maintain consistency of the system and constantly reinforce team’s awareness and spirit to continuous improvement and to meet Customer satisfaction
  • Conduct data analysis for proactive management and continuous improvement
  • Manage the customers complaints to the root cause to prevent reoccurrence
  • Review customers’ requests related to quality systems, standards and certifications
  • Provide reports on a regular basis, and as requested
  • Provide regular training and workshops for new and existing team members to secure a culture of quality across the company
  • Represent the company in events, fairs, exhibitions
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