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Quality Control Inspector.KAEC – Regional Quality – Produce

Job Description

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Job Purpose:

  • Quality Inspector responsibilities will be to have all inbound deliveries checked before being received.


  • To provide quality inspection of all Products received to ensure that only items that match Panda Specification’s (where available) are received and no sub -standard products enter Panda Food Chain


  • Compliance to local (SASO/ SFDA/ ) and international quality and food safety standards

Job Responsibilities:
QC- FMCG Food & Non Food

  • Inspection of the quality of Inbound deliveries as per SOP (expiry, pallets, wrapping, Ti Hi, leakage, food material and nonfood material)


  • Accurately fill all required documents of receiving log and checklist on time of inspection.


  • Inspecting the quality of DC stocks randomly (expiry, damage, defect)


  • Involved in the decision on Receiving OR Partial / Total Rejection of delivered products with the TL and Assistant QC Manager.


  • Reporting to concerned stakeholders of rejected deliveries on daily basis- QC Manager


  • Checking the items and delivery condition to make sure it’s matching the Certificate of Conformance (COC) issuance according to the company policies and regulations.


  • Conducting Quality Analysis – destructive sampling, testing etc


  • Adhering to the set standards of Receiving & Dispatch.


  • Carry out daily Quality checks as part of the DC operations and compliance e.g. type of vehicle items are delivered in, cleanliness etc.


  • Support in monitoring the pest control System within the DC to ensure that no pest infection QC- Produce / Deli




  • Scheduling & Preparing for Receiving Fresh deliveries for the day


  • Follow the DC receiving SOP for product receiving plan and apply the sampling plan for sampling and checking in conjunction with the TL.


  • Receiving & Checking Temperature of Vendor Vehicles and Products before offloading & before dispatch of deliveries to stores.


  • Product Inspections- Making recommendations to the TL and Assistant QC Manager to Receive or Reject deliveries based on set and agreed Produce & Meat Product Specifications.


  • Capturing all Non Conformities of items received/ rejected with pictures and reporting them to the TL.


  • Accurately fill all required documents of receiving log and checklist on time of inspection.


  • Confirm the right and good practice for product storage according to product categories and the right storage condition.


  • Conformance to Panda Receiving Processes.


  • Checking Brix & Firmness for all related Fruits based on specifications.


  • Monitoring the pest control System in DC to ensure that no pest infection


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