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Company Name : ASTAD Project Management

QA/QC Engineer

Job Description

To monitor quality performance according to ASTAD standards and take necessary action to communicate/advise/assist to improve results and to implement and maintain Quality Assurance & Control systems on client project site. Ensure timely quality management, track and control at project sites and collate and analyze site quality reports to ensure high quality, world class project management services to clients.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

§ Execute QA/QC initiatives and measures across assigned project(s) ensuring compliance to the QA/QC procedures.

§ Assist in coordination and review of all Quality Assurance Plans and Control Procedures, documentation for successful implementation of projects.

§ Report the Projects QA/QC status.

§ Represent and deputize QA/QC Manager in attending  internal and external Meetings, if needed.

§ Assist QA/QC Manager in ensuring the effective implementation of the ASTAD’s requirements, systems, principles and objectives.

§ Support  the development of projects specific  QA/QC procedures, work instructions and templates.

§ Assist project process owners and QA/QC Manager in establishing their delivery processes and procedures.

§ Assist project management team(s) and QA/QC Manager in defining its Quality resource requirements.

§ Collaborate in ensuring consistent implementation of ASTAD’s QA/QC requirements.

§ Help QA/QC Manager in the close-out of quality risks in accordance with the risk management system.

§ Review, verify and endorse Contractor and Consultant QA/QC Plans, Inspection and Test Plans, and other Project QA/QC Documents.

§ Ensure that quality of contractor’s products, services and facilities, are inspected and monitored.

§ Participate in  performing assessment visits/audits to suppliers and sub-contractors.

§ Provide checks of the project’s status of QA/QC implementation.

§ Collaborate for scheduling and coordinating internal and external audits.

§ Review Contractors and Consultants Audit Reports and follow up for the implementation of the the corrective and preventive actions.

§ Make recommendations to correct non-compliances and improve operating procedures.

§ Assist QA/QC Manager in providing feedback to the Project Manager and QA/QC Manager, as needed, regarding QA/QC issues that need to be addressed.

§ Provide input and support the subcontractor/supplier evaluation processes and monitor subcontractor/supplier performance through continual improvement process.

§ Undertake, as necessary, awareness training in the project Quality Management System, procedures and applications and ensure that all Operational staff is trained in accordance with their duties.

§ Ensure that all necessary quality records are identified and retained in accordance with ASTAD’s requirements.

§ Provide performance data as requested for reporting purposes.

§ Implement corrective, preventive and defect repair actions as decided by Sr. QA/QC Engineer & Project Manager in case of variations.

Continuous Improvement

§ Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of  systems, processes and practices taking into account ‘international leading practice’, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

§ Implement approved departmental policies, processes, procedures and instructions to subordinates and monitor their adherence so that work is carried out in a controlled manner.

§ Assist in the development of QA/QC policies and procedures and ensure that project contract requirements are in line with ASTAD’s Quality requirements, objectives and systems.

Statement and Reports

§ Prepare departmental statements and reports timely and accurately to meet ASTAD and department’s requirements, policies and standards as required.

§ Prepare various site QA/QC reports as required.

Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment

§ Ensure that all relevant quality, health, safety and environmental procedures, instructions and controls are adhered to so that the safety of employees, quality of products/services and environmental compliance can be guaranteed.

Related Assignments

§ Perform other related duties or assignments as directed.             

Qualifications and Knowledge:

§ Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering / Architecture.

§ Qualified and experienced Auditor to ISO 9000.

§ Recognized formal qualification in QA/QC systems.


§ Minimum of 6-8 years of experience, working in engineering project environment including Architectural Engineering / Civil projects. International Project Experience within the Middle East.

§ Project Management experience preferred.

§ Leadership experience in QA/QC management.

§ Excellent Knowledge and experience of IS0 9001, Quality management system requirements in general and for Building industry in particular.

§ Good experience / knowledge of Inspection & Testing aspects / procedures of building systems & materials.

§ Exposure to TQM (total quality management) in construction industry.

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Wordpress backlinks generator
Free public records and people finder tool
Cities and States latitudes and longitudes
Creative shipping and logistics solution in Egypt
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