Company Name : Agile Consultants

PVC Technician

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

– Handling the UPVC & SPVC extrusion process (Profiles – MEP Applications – pipes) with good knowledge in correcting the extrusion tooling mistakes.

– Set a proper chemical formulation (PVC compounds powder) if needed.

– Set controls to regulate vacuum, air pressure, and temperature.

– Synchronize the speed of extrusion.

– Read and interpret blueprints and drawings.

– Locate defects on extruded products.

– Adjust, calibrate, and test equipment at the beginning of every shift to ensure proper pressure, speed, temperature, and general operation.

– Examine, weigh, and measure the products to ensure the machine is producing according to company and industry regulations and standards, making adjustments as needed.

– Make repairs to equipment when necessary, and replace all defective, broken, or worn-out components.

– Choose and install cutting disks, molds, and all other necessary equipment parts so machines are always operating at peak efficiency.

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