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Company Name : Anonymous

Purchase In Charge

Job Description

1.   Maintains files and records of current and potential suppliers, materials, process, delivery dates and inventories.

2.   Reviews invoices from suppliers for conformance with purchase orders as to price, quantity discounts and similar information. Refers unusual cases to Finance Manager.

3.   Prepares replies to various inquiries using standardized formats.

4.   Reviews and approves claims against suppliers for unsatisfactory materials or equipment.

5.   Prepares routine inventory reports and maintains record of in-house and on-order material. Coordinates with respective employees/ departments to ensure completion of adequate forms /paperwork related to purchase request/delivery.

6.   Checks invoices against original orders to ascertain compliance with all conditions of purchase prior to payment.

7.   Maintains purchase order, invoice files and related purchasing records.

8.   Maintains record of verified shipments of goods and dates actually received.

9.   Interviews sales representatives, secures bids and quotes, selects supplies/equipment and places orders.

10. Assists with care and maintenance of department equipment and supplies.

11. Spends time researching and processing special order requests from different departments within the Center.

12. Participates in growth and development through workshops and professional affiliations to keep abreast of latest trends/technology available in the market.

13. Attends meetings as required.

14.Performs other related duties as requested.

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