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Company Name : Financial Markets International, Inc. (FMI)

Project Management Officer

Job Description

Project Overview

The USAID/Jordan Business Growth Activity, implemented by Financial Markets International (FMI), will enable Jordan’s small and medium enterprises to improve their productivity and competitiveness, create new jobs and innovations within a range of sectors, and advance Jordan towards a more prosperous, resilient, and inclusive future. Through a series of evidence-based interventions, the Business Growth Activity will support these enterprises with direct firm-level assistance and broad-based capacity building programs to mobilize millions in capital, and address constraints through advocacy and public-private dialogue that complements USAID’s policy reform initiatives. The activity strives to allow growth-oriented small and medium enterprises to reach new markets and buyers, increase collaboration along value chains, and improve efficiency and quality to meet demand. The activity will empower these enterprises to access tailored and competitively priced debt, equity, and new hybrid financial products to operate within a more responsive business environment better informed by public-private dialogue and advocacy. This will allow small and medium enterprises to engage women, youth, and persons with disabilities, and increase sales, exports, and broad-based job creation


The Objective of this position is to serve as the project management lead for the USAID Business Growth Activity.

Under the general direction of the COP, the PMO will be responsible for operationalizing the implementation of project activities. 

The position will require working in a cross-team and cross-functional role that enhances efficiencies and effectiveness in program planning and management. This can include a range of tasks throughout the project lifecycle, including activity planning, resource management, and reporting. The PMO will serve in an internal communications role to alert the COP of obstacles to implementation and help the team plan for the resource needed. The PMO will also directly implement special projects and work with key stakeholders. This PMO will be responsible for aligning and sequencing the execution of activities based on their dependencies and according to the approved work plan.


 Work plans

  • Take the lead in developing and facilitating USAID BGA work plan activities, including annual work plan requirements to be submitted to USAID.
  • Support the team in managing the implementation of activities through creating Gantt Charts, mini work plans, and other tools to assist the Team in staying on track, identifying obstacles, and developing solutions throughout the project lifecycle  
  •  Undertake detailed project planning & documentation (defining project deliverables, success criteria, dependencies, change control, and risk management). The essential tasks include:
  • Plan project management, including setting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, and assigning team members to various deliverables.
  • Produce action plans, excel sheets, and other tools to increase understanding of the timelines, actions, and resources needed for implementation
  • Review, revise and standardize existing project management and quality assurance tools across all projects and work streams.
  • Closely monitor project progress, including performance and quality
  • Communicate with the Technical and Operations teams to determine the best approach for specific requirements, including the type of procurements or solicitations needed, estimate budgets and resources, and engage all groups to meet these requirements
  • Monitor implementation of activities and alert the COP to obstacles, procurement, and other implementation challenges, and recommend actions to ensure activities stay on track
  • Support other Monitoring and Evaluation functions, including coordinating with the M&E team on data collection and reporting for critical activities


  • Assist the COP in the preparation of reports to USAID, including weekly, quarterly, and annual reports
  • Assist the CoP in dealing with ad hoc requests
  • Facilitate meetings and develop the required agenda and preparations for the CoP
  • Document USAID BGA management meetings and COP meetings with the client and key stakeholders
  • Maintain documentation of the meeting minutes and agendas with related action points and follow-ups.
  • Performs other duties and functions as assigned.
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