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Company Name : ACTED

Project Assistant /Outreach logistic Assistant

Job Description

As part of UNESCO funded Project “Support to livelihoods through cultural heritage development”, financed by the European Union’s MADAD-EU Regional Trust Fund. ACTED will engage Syrians and Jordanians in their communities in the preservation and development of cultural heritage sites for tourism purposes in the northern districts of Jordan (Irbid) through the use of Employment Intensive schemes (Cash for Work) for safeguarding and rehabilitation of cultural heritage sites.

The Overall Objective is to ensure dignified, sustainable livelihoods and create economic opportunities for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians in the cultural heritage sector while the Specific Objectives of the action will focus on improving self-reliance through access to immediate short-term decent employment opportunities for Syrians and Jordanians in the cultural heritage sector through Employment Intensive schemes; And to set the basis for an enabling environment for entrepreneurship development in the cultural heritage sector.

ACTED will consequently manage the contractual and monitoring procedures/plan for the Jordanian and Syrian workers involved in the cultural heritage related Employment Intensive activities at the heritage sites of Pella (Tabaqat Fahl) and Beit Eidis in Irbid Governorate

The project will target 375 CfWers and will require a high degree of coordination and engagement by the project team in order to be implemented effectively, building good working relationships with UNESCO, ILO and the technical partner noting that other stakeholders such as public institutions (MoTA, DOA, MoL) will also take part in the project.

ACTED is consequently looking to recruit for multiple outreach/logistics assistant profiles in both locations. 

Job Purpose:

The Project Assistant Outreach/Logistics assistant supports ACTED Field Coordinator/Officer and ACTED project manager (PM) in the implementation and monitoring of procedures/plans in place for the management of Jordanian and Syrian workers involved in the cultural heritage related Employment Intensive activities to ensure the overall success of the project within the time and resources allocated. The assistant will support PM/Project team to ensure the effective and timely completion of project activities in accordance with ACTED and UNESCO standard operating procedures (SOPs) focusing in CfW employment methodology.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.   Support the PM/FC in external engagement with Government authorities, MoL, municipalities, CBOs and Contractors.

2.   Support the PM to implement and oversee the ACTED / UNESCO CfW activities.

3.   Any other reasonable duties, as requested by line manager.

Cash For Work Implementation:

1.   Support and Facilitate Cash for Work (CFW)/EIIP SOP implementation at field level;

 2. Ensure ACTED and UNESCO CfW documents and SOPs are implemented during the project;

 3.  Coordinate and support the delivery of the outreach activities within the host community areas, including but not limited to the development and implementation of the outreach methodology, organization of information sessions to local communities and orientations on the recruitment process to the local authorities when needed, in coordination with UNESCO and ILO;

4.   Support the delivery of the water, supplies, occupational health supplies on the work site in daily basis.

5.   Ensure that all necessary CFW documentation, including CfW contracts, attendance sheets, and payment sheets are accurate and ready in a timely manner.

6.Assist the Project Manager and the project team on CfW participant selection ahead of each CfW cycle, following CfW/EIIP regulations, and facilitate with UNESCO & the technical partner for selection of the CFW beneficiaries;

6.Support and monitor the monthly attendance for the CfWers.

7.   Cooperate with ACTED AMEU to ensure that all project CfW activities, including Post Employment Surveys, are well monitored according to the agreed AME framework.

Project planning / reporting

1.   Support the PM to prepare the work plans / schedules for the field teams;

2.   Provide regular and timely updates on progress and challenges to the FC/ PM.

3.   Support the PM to ensure that project records and documents, in particular documents that prove completion of CfW activities (e.g., CfW contracts, attendance sheets, etc.) are adequately prepared, compiled and filed according to ACTED procedures and donor specific procedures

4.   Participate in communication activities through the regular collection of pictures and stories related to project activities

5.   Operate following the “do no harm principles” in order to ensure projects are safe for communities

6.   Collect and apply appropriate lessons learned and best practices to current projects, and ensure these lessons learnt are pro-actively shared with supervisor, the AMEU and other team members to apply them in future project development processes.


Transparency and Inclusion

1. Support the appropriate, achievable and acceptable selection of project beneficiaries

2.  Adhere to the project communication strategy with communities so that factual, objective and actionable information is provided to project stakeholders

3. Help to ensure project stakeholders are empowered to participate throughout the project cycle

4. Support the inclusion of the people with specific needs (PwSN) in the project wherever possible, in coordination with the PM and ACTED inclusion focal point


Coordination (internal/external)

1. Encourage and support the beneficiaries to refer unmet needs to other relevant actors, through ACTED referral mechanism, in coordination with PM and Accountability Officer

2. Help to ensure that project stakeholders have a good image of ACTED thus increasing the acceptance of ACTED’s presence and activities in the project implementation area.

Logistics and Security

1.   Help to ensure that the CfW’s has adequate assets and equipment necessary for performing its duties;

2.   To receive, tag and register all assets received by UNESCO.

3.   Ensure the delivery of the equipment’s/assets to CfW’s and reception by the end of working day on daily basis;

4.   Monitor stocks and movement of goods within the sites;

5.   Conduct periodic spot checks to ensure accuracy of the inventory;

6.   Maintain assets and stocks in good working order and to report on the repair/ replacement of assets to the line manager.

7.  Adhere to ACTED security procedures at all times.

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