Company Name : World Food Program - Other locations

Programme Policy Officer (Deputy Head of Programme) LFT P3

Job Description


The Deputy Head of Programme will mainly be responsible for coordinating implementation of all programme activities under Aden AO in close collaboration with activity managers and field office programme staff. The staff member will also contribute to policy formulation and/or provide technical advice or oversight on programme strategy and implementation.

KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES (not all-inclusive)

  1. Provide project management support to Aden AO Activity Managers and Field Office programme staff, ensuring a coordinated approach with wider programmes that complies with WFP standards and procedures.
  2. In the absence of Aden AO Head of Programme, act as Officer in Charge for Programme.
  3. Actively contribute to policy formulation including development of guidelines, decision memos and standard operating procedures for programme implementation.
  4. Contribute towards the development of a wide variety of projects, plans and processes, ensuring alignment with wider programme policies and guidance.
  5. Research and analyse a range of policy and operational issues to inform the development of policies, programmes, and activities.
  6. Contribute to the preparation of accurate and timely reports on programme activities under Aden AO that enable informed decision making and consistency of information presented to key stakeholders, including WFP management and donors.
  7. Support capacity building of WFP staff under Aden AO, cooperating partners, and government to adequately prepare for and respond to food assistance needs.
  8. As required, represent WFP in governmental and inter-agency fora, strategic working groups and coordination platforms.
  9. Facilitate increased and efficient usage of digital platforms for beneficiary and transfer management, across all programme activities in areas under Aden AO.
  10. Act as a role model of the values, principles and standards of WFP, actively contributing to creating an inclusive and collaborative work environment through respectful and constructive communication and holding self and other team members accountable for their actions.
  11. Effectively communicate implementation progress and results for programme activities to management and other stakeholders through meetings, review of donor/TPM/M&E reports and other materials to improve transparency and accountability.
  12. Directly supervise Head of GFA team in Aden AO, ensuring timely delivery of assistance and compliance with corporate requirements. 



13. Provide advice and support to programme staff on moderately complex issues to clarify ambiguities and ensure that programme operations are consistent with WFP policies and other relevant guidance.

14. Assist counterparts in governments and other partners in identifying where food assistance can be usefully employed and provide support and technical expertise for the planning, formulation and implementation of programmes to strengthen government and community ownership and effectiveness of food security and nutrition programmes.

15. Establish and maintain operational partnerships to identify opportunities for collaborative approaches and initiatives that improve assistance packages and support advocacy work.

16. Manage preparation and timely dissemination of analytical reports, publications, and a variety of information products or proposals for internal or external use.

17. Contribute to Aden Area Office Emergency Preparedness i.e. early warning, risk analysis, and contingency planning to enable timely response to humanitarian crises and needs.

18. Work closely with technical teams under Registration and Beneficiary Registry (RBR) unit, VAM, and M&E to ensure coordinated and well-informed programmatic decisions.

19. Contribute to resources mobilisation efforts for WFP projects, including clearly articulating the need for food assistance and related programme opportunities, and follow up on resource situation of projects including commodity and cash availability, seeking advice from senior colleagues where necessary.

20. Others as required.

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