Company Name : Confidential Company Lebanon

Production Manager

Job Description


Guarantee compliance with the objectives set for the Production Department. Plan, direct and control production, and maintenance activities, ensuring the full satisfaction of orders and customer service within the commitments assumed.

Comply with and enforce the Hygiene and Safety standards of the Company.

Foster a good working environment, communication, participation, and teamwork in the department and with other departments of the Company.

Functions and Responsibilities:

1-     Lead and manage day-to-day operations of the plant, ensuring adherence to production schedules, quality standards, and budgetary guidelines.

2-     Implement and maintain efficient manufacturing processes to optimize productivity while minimizing waste and reducing costs.

3-     Develop and enforce strict quality control measures to ensure the production of high-quality products that meet regulatory standards and customer expectations.

4-     Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including production, maintenance, quality assurance, and logistics, to streamline operations and resolve any issues that may arise.

5-     Create and implement strategies to enhance plant efficiency, improve workflow, and implement best practices for daily production.

6-     Monitor and manage inventory levels, production output, and equipment maintenance schedules to ensure continuous operations.

7-     Implement and enforce safety protocols and regulatory compliance to maintain a safe working environment for all employees.

8-     Foster a culture of teamwork, accountability, and continuous improvement among plant staff.

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